Interactivity in Beatriz Milhazes’s artwork

This experimental project explores interactions of geometric elements originally found in Beatriz Milhazes paintings.

In the initial stage, we performed a survey of artists who use geometric shapes in their works, like Mondrian, Kandinsky and the Brazilian artist, Beatriz Milhazes. We decided to use Beatriz Milhazes artworks as reference because of her use of geometric patterns with variations such as size, color, borders and circles, that are very appropriated to be drawn with Processing.


After a first review of the artist’s works, we establish 5 circle types to be used in the application, namely, solids, transparent, with edges, concentric and with textures.



Later, we developed the algorithms to draw the circles on the screen, according to the user’s demands.


The numbers 1 to 5 lead each one to a different type of circle. Its position is determined by the mouse location. At first, colors and sizes were random. In the future, we intend to offer size and color choices. The last circle drawn can be erased with the “z” key. The “s” key save a composition in JPEG.


Student: Carolina Couto Riff Gandur
Supervision: Dr. Doris Kosminsky, Dr. Claudio Esperança and Barbara Castro, PhD candidate
Exhibited at the XXXV Undergraduate Scientific, Cultural and Artistic Research Program at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – 2014.